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Dave’s new Cabinet. It’ll Be All White On The Night.

Have a look at this series of mugshots ( showing David Cameron’s new-look Cabinet from today. Look at it carefully.

You get that nagging feeling there’s something missing, something not quite right.

As Rolf Harris might say in another context, ‘Can you tell what it is yet?’

Well, two clues.

1. Women make up 51 per cent of the population of England and Wales

2The ‘non-white’ population of GB is about 12 per cent.

(source ONS).

Mr Cameron’s cabinet: 27 mugs.

Number of women: 4 (down from 5).

Number of non-white faces: Zero.

If the Cabinet is the cream of the Government ‘s team GB, then it’s sending out the message that white, male, preferably Oxbridge, wealthy and in many cases not qualified to do the job is the way to the top.

No one is expecting gender or racial equality just to make up the numbers but is it really the case   that just 15 per cent of women qualify for the elite political brains trust?

And  while the United States has managed to break the barriers by electing a black man as president (now preparing for re-election), we cannot find any non-white politician capable of sitting at the top table?

It’s perhaps to be expected that politics, as many other areas of society, does not reflect the make-up of the general population. For example, about a fifth of MPs are women and the number of non-white MPs is in single percentages.

Mr Cameron may claim to be a modern, progressive Tory. It’s rather depressing if this means fewer women and only an all-white one Cabinet to rule us all.

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